Kratom is a plant that grows in Southeast Asia and its leaves are often used to make tea or other beverages. It’s also ground up and made into capsules or powders. Its effects are widely regarded as being positive, relaxing and calming. But with so much misinformation out there, it’s hard to know what to believe about this substance. Is Kratom good for you? Or is it dangerous? Keep reading to find out…

What is Kratom?

Kratom is an herb indigenous to Southeast Asia. It is related to the coffee plant and has similar properties, including the ability to relieve pain and relax muscles. Kratom can be ingested in many different forms, including pills, tea, water extractions, and more. Kratom also comes in many different strains, each with their own characteristics.

Why You Should Avoid Kratom

There are numerous reasons why you should avoid kratom. First, it is an addictive substance. This isn’t to be confused with physical dependency though. The problem with kratom is that many who take it start to crave it, even if they don’t experience adverse effects from taking it. 

Kratom also causes a range of side effects, including nausea, vomiting, sweating, increased heart rate, dizziness, and trouble sleeping. Many people who have used kratom have also reported experiencing hallucinations. Perhaps the most dangerous side effect of kratom is the risk of death. 

Kratom contains alkaloids that are known to have dangerous effects on the heart and surrounding blood vessels. In fact, the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) released a warning in November 2018 saying that kratom is linked to 36 deaths.

Kratom Effects

If you use kratom, you can experience a range of different effects, including pain relief, relaxation, euphoria, and more. The kind of effects you experience will depend on the type of kratom you take and how much of it you use. While different kratom types can produce different effects, there are certain effects that are commonly reported by people using kratom. 

  • Pain Relief – Kratom has been used for centuries for pain relief. Many people who have used kratom report that it helps relieve joint pain, pain from injuries, and more. 
  • Relaxation – Along with pain relief, many people who use kratom report that it helps them relax. Kratom is often used as an alternative to over-the-counter and prescription sleep aids.
  •  Euphoria – While not everyone feels euphoric when using kratom, it is a common effect. People often use kratom to get a euphoric high that is similar to using other substances, like opioids. 

There are a number of other effects that people report when using kratom. Some of these include heightened energy, feelings of excitement, feelings of calmness, feelings of happiness, improved focus, and more.

Dangers of Kratom

One of the biggest dangers of kratom is that it is addictive. Many people who regularly take kratom report having cravings for it and having trouble stopping. If you use kratom regularly, you may also experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking it, such as nausea and vomiting.

 Kratom is also dangerous because it can be hard to regulate how much you take. Unlike with prescription drugs, there are no regulated dosages for kratom. This can be dangerous because it’s easy to take too much. Some people have even died from taking too much kratom.

 Kratom is also dangerous because it can be contaminated. Many kratom products are not well regulated, which means that they may contain impurities or other dangerous substances. This can make it even more dangerous than it already is.

How to Stop Using Kratom

If you’re addicted to kratom, you’ll need to get help to stop using it. If you’re currently taking kratom to treat pain, you should talk to your doctor about other treatment options. That way, you aren’t putting yourself at risk by using kratom and you can stop using kratom as soon as possible.

 If you’re using kratom to get high, you should stop now. You can get help for this addiction too if you need it. You may experience withdrawal symptoms when you stop taking kratom, so it’s best to get help with this. You should also avoid taking kratom again once you’ve stopped. Going back to kratom after you’ve stopped can make it harder to break the habit in the future.

Trust Knoxville Recovery Center

Kratom is not a safe substance and should be avoided at all costs. It is addictive and can cause a number of dangerous side effects. There are also no reliable medical studies proving that kratom is safe for humans. What’s more, there have been a number of deaths linked to kratom.

 If you are struggling with an addiction to kratom, you need to get help as soon as possible. Fortunately, help is available for those battling addiction and/or mental health issues. Knoxville Recovery Center offers various services to those struggling in any stage of addiction or mental illness. 

Services offered: 

Detox – Our on-site detox clinic accommodates and supports clients as the body sheds all residual traces of addictive substances. Clients are under medical supervision during the detox process to ensure that they remain safe and comfortable. 

Addiction Treatment  During our addiction treatment program, clients will engage in introductory therapies and exercises that work to prepare them for continued, more intensive treatment outside of our facility. The goal of our addiction treatment track is to stabilize clients so that they are treatment-ready. 

Mental Health Treatment – Our mental health treatment program introduces behavioral therapies rooted in self-expression and holistic exercise. Art therapy, music therapy, and yoga are just a few forms of therapy we offer at the center. Our goal is to help the client reclaim their voice and expose them to treatment within a professional facility. 

Aftercare Planning – Aftercare is designed for individuals who have benefitted from our introductory addiction services and are transitioning into a more intensive addiction treatment program. Once a client is stabilized, they will be encouraged to pursue continued addiction treatment. Our experienced case managers will then work with our clients to place them in a program that addresses their specific wants and needs.

If you feel that you or a loved one is struggling and needs help, our specialists are on standby and ready to help. Call Knoxville Recovery Center and speak with an expert today.

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