Client Testimonials

As the premier addiction treatment center in the region, we are proud to offer top-tier services to all of our clients. If you don’t believe us, check out our former client testimonials!

Exceeded Expectations

This is my first time in rehab and they exceeded my expectations in the most positive way. I was nervous, anxious, and not sure what to expect but from the time I made the phone call to the time I left, they made me feel comfortable and met every need. I encourage you to come here.
Greg S.
Former Client

Sense of Community

This is a really wonderful place to begin your recovery journey. The staff is very caring and totally invested in your recovery. There is an amazing sense of community among the clients and many are there to support you in times of need. I would absolutely recommend this facility to anyone!
Lynn B.
Former Client

Attentive Staff

I want to give a big shout-out to my caseworker Sarah for dropping everything on such short notice to make sure I have a bed to sleep in at a halfway house. I wasn’t going to go and, with three days left, I had made a decision about going and she made it happen for me. Very attentive staff. They care!!!
Michelle L.
Former Client

Knoxville Recovery Center was founded by individuals who have been where you are before. Undergoing treatment for addiction and co-occurring disorders is scientifically proven to increase the likelihood of maintaining sobriety and overall well-being.

Our client testimonials prove that we are committed to your health and wellbeing. At Knoxville Recovery Center, you are not a number – You are family.

You Can’t Fake Real Caring

I was looking for a recovery center for a loved one. Unfortunately they needed more round the clock medical attention than Asheville could provide. It would have been very easy to simply send us on our way but Clayton Schoettle at Asheville went above and beyond. He provided several options for us to check into that could provide the level of care needed.

We ended up connecting with a colleague and friend of his, Jake, who found a great and affordable option for personalized care and recovery. Not only did they help find a place but they helped expedite his admission. This was in stark contrast to spending a week and a half chasing medical records for another facility.

If Asheville cares for people and goes this far for someone who is not a patient there I can only imagine how great they are in person. You can’t fake real caring. Thank you Asheville and Thank You Clayton!!!! Great Job!!!
Jordan F.
Individual Seeking Help

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