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Looking into treatment for addiction?

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For Our Community

Our mission at Knoxville Recovery Center is to provide a safe and supportive environment for people who are suffering from addiction and co-occurring disorders. Far too many treatment centers implement one-size-fits-all strategies that, ultimately, provide a disservice to the client. At our center, you are an individual, not a number.

Looking Into Treatment For Addiction?

Let Us Help.

Our Plan

With the help of our highly qualified team and an extensive list of resources, we assist individuals who are new to treatment and ensure they become treatment-ready. By applying various holistic and expressive therapies, we aim to plant seeds of self-acceptance that help our clients stabilize. We want to help facilitate freedom from addiction, alleviate suffering, renew inspired action, and uncover a newfound purpose for each individual who walks through our doors.

At Knoxville Recovery Center, we know that quality care isn’t shuffling clients through generic treatment stages. It’s about real recovery because we believe that every human being has the right to be free from addiction. 

Because of our dedication to serving all to the best of our ability, we keep a small caseload with a high staff-to-client ratio to make sure that every client always has access to individual care that’s tailored to their needs. We also promote a group structure so that clients are able to form a social network of support, trust, and mutual accountability. 

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A Safe and Comfortable Environment

We are dedicated to providing a comfortable and safe environment for people who are seeking treatment for addiction or a co-occurring disorder. By providing unparalleled expertise, unwavering support, and treatment based on the individual’s specific set of needs, we are confident that each client will be prepared to maintain life in recovery.

You do not have to suffer alone. Our goal as a treatment center is to provide the best care available. Shame, guilt, and the desire to isolate are all common emotions associated with addiction. Our staff has first-hand experience with these ailments and they know how hard it may seem to ask for help, but you must. Do not choose to suffer alone. Every individual who walks through our doors becomes family. Come heal with us.

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