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Addiction Treatment in Knoxville, TN

At Knoxville Recovery Center, we focus on the beginning stages of addiction treatment. Our services promote client stabilization and acceptance, effectively preparing clients for continued treatment outside of our facility. The goal of Knoxville Recovery Center is to ensure all clients feel empowered to confront their addiction and are equipped with the tools to do so. Our center provides an on-site detox facility, a residential addiction treatment program, and aftercare planning.


Clinically supervised detox is often the initial stage in receiving treatment for addiction. An individual requiring detox will be evaluated by a medical professional to determine the level of care they will need. Because ceasing drug or alcohol use can be highly uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous, we recommend detoxing at our certified detox facility. At Knoxville Recovery Center’s detox clinic, we deal specifically with assisting people through the process of withdrawal. The medical detox process typically ranges between 7 to 10 days and can vary depending on the individual’s specific needs. Once healthy, the client may participate in various therapies and exercises as they feel comfortable.

Medical Detox
Addiction Treatment

Addiction Treatment 

During an inpatient treatment program, clients will be housed comfortably within our facility, complete with apartment-style residence rooms, community lounges, a lush lawn, and a gorgeous outdoor courtyard. As a large treatment facility, we can comfortably accommodate 36 individuals, with 24 beds being reserved for substance abuse and detox clients. During this early stage of addiction treatment, immersion into a new environment is imperative in developing new and necessary coping skills needed throughout recovery. Days are structured to include various therapies, workshops, group activities, and free time.

Individual therapy

Individual Therapy

Individual therapy addresses addictive thought patterns and replaces them with new ways of thinking. After identifying destructive behaviors, a therapist will then present alternative coping strategies, thereby reducing the influence of potential triggers. By practicing effective communication, especially in areas that are painful or difficult to address, clients become prepared for continued, more intensive treatment upon graduation from our program.

Group Therapy

Group Therapy

As an isolating disease, addiction drives individuals away from relationships for fear of judgment, guilt, and shame. Group therapy encourages clients to participate in discussions within a supportive community of peers. Practicing accountability and speaking honestly within a group setting is often very liberating. This form of therapy improves healthy communication and effective relationship building, which are both essential for healing and recovery. 

Medical Detox

Holistic Therapy

Holistic therapy treats an individual’s physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual components. When utilized in addiction treatment, holistic therapies can remedy the physical symptoms of addiction, a result of a body that is not in balance. Holistic therapies work to regain that balance through various exercises such as yoga, art therapy, meditation, and breathwork, among others. These practices foster acceptance and allow clients to reclaim inner peace as they continue treatment.

6 Benefits of Addiction Treatment



There are a number of therapies and solutions offered at Knoxville Recovery Center that address the various aspects of addiction. Addiction is a physical, mental, and psychological sickness that should be treated as such. There are several triggers and reasons why individuals use drugs and, with our help, they can recognize the flaws in their thinking and behavior that lead to poor decision-making. As a result, they may learn healthy coping mechanisms to prevent relapse. Knoxville Recovery Center offers a variety of therapies and methods because no single one is effective for everyone. Patients are taught to make healthy decisions and employ healthier coping strategies to avoid returning to drug use.



The individuals at Knoxville Recovery Center are united in their struggles with addiction. A network of people who understand the difficulty of addiction is vital for someone who is trying to overcome it. Friendship, compassion, empathy, and hope can all be realized through having genuine connections with people. Without a support system, it may be difficult to recover from addiction. 



Having a daily check-up with someone who isn’t judgmental is the benefit of going to rehab. Being around other people who are recovering from addiction means that you are being checked on daily. They won’t tear you down but instead provide support and hope. No matter what you’re feeling or thinking, you don’t have to feel bad about it. But you’ll be less likely to relapse if you know that there is a support system waiting for you.



A rehabilitation center’s structure is one of its main advantages. Daily routines, productive activities and habits, and various therapies and treatments are all encouraged at Knoxville Recovery Center. Creating new, healthy habits and maintaining sobriety are the only ways to break self-destructive habits in addicts. The structure offered by Knoxville Recovery Center allows patients to develop a simple, yet secure, daily routine that includes sticking to new healthy habits after treatment has ended. 


Addiction Education

You have the ability to think more clearly once you are drug-free, in addition to the opportunity to educate yourself about your addiction. Triggers for drugs can be analyzed in order to gain insight into which people, events, sensory experiences, and habits trigger cravings. Making deliberate efforts to avoid or manage those triggers after you return to your usual life is a large part of treatment at Knoxville Recovery Center.


24/7 Medical Supervision

Knoxville Recovery Center provides around-the-clock medical and clinical supervision seven days a week, which is particularly critical in preventing relapse for individuals with severe addictions. Individuals in recovery are particularly susceptible to health issues after stopping drug use, so the immediate health issues they may experience can be unpleasant and potentially dangerous. Even after the withdrawal symptoms have passed, the body’s attempt to re-adjust without the drug can cause discomfort and illness. There is an additional danger of physical and mental health problems due to the body’s stress. Patients can feel comfortable while going through the process of becoming clean again thanks to close access to clinical staff and constant supervision. 

Looking Into Treatment For Addiction?

Let Us Help.

Why our Addiction Treatment Program Works


Effective help for an alcohol or other drug use disorder begins with reliable and valid screening for a variety of substance use disorders and related conditions. These efforts determine the many interrelated factors affecting a patient’s functioning and life as well as the patient’s readiness to change. By carefully and comprehensively assessing a patient’s life, our specialists avoid missing aspects or minimizing critical aspects, such as trauma or chronic pain, which could interfere with recovery. 

Comprehensive Care

Continuing care provides critical recovery-specific social support and necessary recovery support services after a patient leaves or transitions to another phase of treatment. Knoxville Recovery Center focuses on this aspect of ongoing care and offers more than just telephone numbers or a list of people to contact, but will link patients to community resources, ongoing health care providers, peer-support groups, and recovery residences. 

Comfortable Facility

Patients should be treated in an environment that is as high-quality as one might find in other medical settings. At Knoxville Recovery Center, you can expect a clean, bright, cheerful, and comfortable facility. Patients suffering from addiction might feel as though they’ve lost their self-respect and dignity, making a respectful and dignified environment particularly important. Regaining their self-respect may be facilitated by a respectful environment. 

Evidence-Based Practices

Better outcomes are typically experienced by programs that adhere to scientific research and recommendations and provide the “best practices”. In addition to psychological treatments, Knoxville Recovery Center also includes access to FDA-approved prescription drugs for drug addiction (e.g., buprenorphine/naloxone, methadone, naltrexone/ depot Naltrexone, acamprosate) as well as psychiatric treatments for other types of co-occurring disorders. 

Quality Staff

The staff at Knoxville Recovery Center is highly trained and experienced in dealing with addiction and recovery. Having a multi-disciplinary staff (e.g., addiction, medicine, psychiatry, spirituality) can help patients identify and address a wide range of needs that will help with sobriety and recovery. Graduate degrees, along with the appropriate licensing or board certification, are indications of higher-quality programs.  

Personalized Treatment

Programs at Knoxville Recovery Center accommodate the unique requirements of each patient by focusing on individualized comprehensive screening and assessment. One size does not fit all, and neither does one treatment approach work for everyone. In order to identify the potentially different needs of men and women, and people of different minority groups (e.g. LGBT) or cultural backgrounds, the specialists here create treatment and recovery plans that address every client’s specific needs.

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