Addiction Treatment


Clinically supervised detox is often the initial stage in receiving treatment for addiction. An individual requiring detox will be evaluated by a medical professional to determine the level of care they will need. Because ceasing drug or alcohol use can be highly uncomfortable and sometimes dangerous, we recommend detoxing at our certified detox facility. At Knoxville Recovery Center’s detox clinic, we deal specifically with assisting people through the process of withdrawal. The medical detox process typically ranges between 7 to 10 days and can vary depending on the individual’s specific needs. Once healthy, the client may participate in various therapies and exercises as they feel comfortable.


Addiction Treatment Programs

During an inpatient treatment program, clients will be housed comfortably within our facility, complete with apartment-style residence rooms, community lounges, a lush lawn, and gorgeous outdoor courtyard. As a large treatment facility, we can comfortably accommodate 36 individuals, with 24 beds being reserved for substance abuse and detox clients. During this early stage of addiction treatment, immersion into a new environment is imperative in developing new and necessary coping skills needed throughout recovery. Days are structured to include various therapies, workshops, group activities, and free time.


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