It can be difficult to know if you need to go to rehab. You might be worried about financial costs and the long-term effects of treatment. However, an anonymous survey conducted by the Substance Abuse Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) found that 9 out of 10 people who completed a month of inpatient or outpatient treatment reported that they needed help with a substance use problem and that their treatment had helped.

Fortunately, rehab can help you with your substance-use problem without costing thousands of dollars or forcing you to give up your job. Here are 5 signs you need rehab:

1. You’ve Had Problems With Drugs or Alcohol for a While

If you’ve struggled with substance-use issues for a few months, you may still be in the early stages of addiction. With the right treatment, you can recover from most issues in just a few months. If you have been using for more than a few years, you may have developed a serious addiction to drugs or alcohol. Even if you think you’ve been clean for a long time, you should still get help.

2. You’re Afraid to Take Part in Treatment

Many people with substance-use issues are afraid to go to treatment; however, once they get to a treatment center, they often feel safe and accepted. In treatment, you’ll learn how to handle your issues safely and effectively. You’ll also learn how to avoid relapse and help your loved ones handle their issues. Many people fear treatment because they think it will be expensive or that it will cause problems at work or school.

In reality, most rehabs offer affordable payment plans. You may be able to get treatment from a friend’s employer or through a government assistance program. In some cases, you can get a reduced rate through insurance. If you’re unsure whether treatment is right for you, ask yourself these questions. If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, you may need rehab.

3. You Attempt to Quit on Your Own

Quitting on your own is dangerous. It can cause cravings, depression, anxiety, and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. You may spend more time trying to quit than you would if you had gotten help from a professional. On top of that, most people who successfully quit on their own later relapse.

If you have tried to quit on your own, you should go to rehab. Therapies are successful at helping you stay away from drugs, but they won’t work if you try to stop using on your own.

4. You Have a Family History of Substance Abuse

If your parents or other relatives struggled with a substance-use problem, you are at a higher risk of developing one. Rehab is an excellent place to learn how to identify and deal with a family history of substance abuse so that you’re better prepared to handle your own issues as they arise.

5. Your Friends Have Confirmed That You Need Help

When your friends see you struggling, they may tell you to get help. However, this doesn’t mean you need to go to rehab. Your friends may simply want you to get treatment for your issues. They may be worried about you and would like you to get help so that you can recover. The best way to get help for your substance-use problem is to tell your friends that you need treatment and that you want to get better.

If you don’t tell your friends what you need, they may not realize that you need help and that you may continue to use despite their best intentions. If your friends understand that you need help, they may be more supportive of your efforts to get better.

Knoxville Recovery Center Can Help 

If you’ve had problems with drugs or alcohol for a while, you’re at a higher risk of developing a serious addiction. You’re also more likely to need help if your family members or friends have a history of substance abuse. Rehabilitation programs are designed to help people stay clean and prevent future drug use. Some people hesitate to get help because they’re afraid treatment will be expensive, difficult, or cause problems at work or school. However, overcoming addiction is well worth it.

If you or a loved one are currently struggling with drug use or addiction, help is available! We encourage you to reach out to the professionals at Knoxville Recovery Center to learn more about our personalized treatment programs and mental health services. 

Knoxville Recovery Center was founded from firsthand experience of addiction and recovery, with a mission of providing a space where people can heal from addiction and other disorders in a compassionate, creative, open-minded, and heart-centered environment. We believe recovery is always possible. Our experts work with you to design a treatment plan that fits your needs. Common treatment programs include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)
  • On-site Detox
  • Full-time Addiction Treatment on campus
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Aftercare Services

Contact us today for more information about how our programs and services can help you get your life back on track. You no longer have to struggle with substance abuse on your own. We are here to help. 

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