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COMING THIS WINTER                                                COMING THIS WINTER                                          

COMING THIS WINTER                                                COMING THIS WINTER                                          

Knoxville Recovery Center
Knoxville Detox

Nestled in the foothills of Eastern Tennessee, Knoxville Recovery Center provides a peaceful retreat for those looking to heal from addiction and mental illness. Unlike most treatment centers, we offer on-site detox, as well as addiction and mental health stabilization programs. To ensure individualized care for all clients, our specialists are highly experienced in treating various disorders.


Medical Detox

Medical Detox is an important first step on the road to recovery. Due to the physical stress of withdrawal, clinical supervision is provided by our specialized medical staff to ensure all individuals are comfortable and safe during this initial stage of their recovery journey.


Addiction Treatment

We are proud to provide outstanding treatment to our clients. Our approach successfully blends traditional methods of treatment as well as alternative and holistic therapies. Individuals will find solidarity among specialists and peers while working towards a fulfilling life in recovery.


Mental Health Treatment

We believe that the most important component in overcoming addiction is locating its root source. By utilizing various therapies, we will work together to confront past trauma, treat co-occurring disorders, and develop healthy coping mechanisms for life after treatment.

Addiction Treatment is Covered by Most Private Insurance Plans!