What happens if I report a drug dealer? This is an important question. It is natural to want to protect the people and places we care about and take action against whatever we see as a threat, such as drug dealer. However, when we fear that taking action might put ourselves or others in danger, how should we act? In light of possible drug activity in our communities, there are numerous reasons to be concerned about reporting it. Continue reading to learn how to identify a drug dealer, how to report it, and what you can expect afterward.

Drug Dealing Defined

Drug dealing is a catchall phrase that refers to a variety of offenses related to drug trafficking. These crimes include smuggling, distribution, retail sales, and manufacturing, among others. Danger and corruption are often associated with these activities, and occasionally they result in adverse outcomes, such as urban blight resulting from street-level drug dealing.

Drug dealing has become enshrouded with violence and intimidation over the last few decades, leading many people to feel deterred from reporting drug-related crime in their areas. They worry that providing information to the authorities might jeopardize their families or themselves as a result of retaliation from drug dealers who frequently resort to violence.

While prevention and treatment are the most effective weapons against the drug trade, working with law enforcement agencies and communities to keep drugs out of neighborhoods is also very effective. Police departments regularly rely on public information to help them locate criminal hot spots and arrest suspects.

Signs of a Potential Drug Dealer

There are several indicators that may suggest a close friend, neighbor, or another person near you is a drug dealer. These include:

  • There is visible drug paraphernalia round
  • Drug manufacturing equipment is visible
  • Chemical-like smells in the home
  • Frequent, quick visitors at their home
  • The individual is secretive
  • You have seen an exchange of some kind
  • Individuals tend to loiter outside of their home

How Do I Report a Drug Dealer?

Having learned how to identify drug activity, what should you do once you have identified it? You can report drug dealing activity in a variety of ways including contacting the national organization Crime Stoppers, filling out an online form with the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) on their website, or calling the local police.

When calling the police department, individuals will be asked to provide as much information as they can about the address where they suspect drug dealing is taking place, the name of the individual they suspect is involved, details about the individual, the number of people who visit the home, the duration and frequency of these visits, or the items or packages that are exchanged between the individual and their visitor.

Is it Dangerous to Report a Drug Dealer?

Individuals who sell illicit drugs are frequently involved in other criminal activity. Even if these people do not appear to be a danger to the people around them, they may be a cause for concern. There is a chance that people will feel intimidated to contact their local police department if they suspect drug activity in their area and retaliation from the person they have reported may prevent them from coming forward.

How to Anonymously Report a Drug Dealer

Drug activity should be reported if you suspect someone of using or selling drugs. Each state and jurisdiction may offer an anonymous tip line to report drug activity online or in the community. National organizations and programs that accept anonymous tips are also available. There are thousands of local Crime Stoppers programs nationwide that allow people to anonymously report illegal drug activity by submitting an online form or making an anonymous phone call to their hotline.

You can report federally regulated substance activities, such as manufacturing, distributing, or trafficking, by filling out the tip details on the DEA’s website, which includes the date, location, and description of the activity. You may also choose to withhold your contact information.

What Happens if I Report a Drug Dealer?

An officer will come as soon as one is available to respond to your report of drug activity. Drug transactions, however, are seldom hazardous to either participants or bystanders, and crimes that endanger individuals must be dealt with first. Drug deals, furthermore, are completed quickly, often before an officer can arrive.

If you report a drug dealer and they are indeed dealing or producing drugs, they will be arrested and charged in accordance with local legislation. However, citizen reports are not the primary reason for making a drug arrest. Unless you have specialized knowledge or experience with drugs or drug users, the courts will not accept an arrest based solely on your testimony. Because few citizens are able to meet the strict legal standards, officers who have the proper training and experience must verify their own observations and collect evidence that the courts will accept.

If you misperceive a situation and file a false police report, it may result in a violation on your personal record. It could be helpful to look up your state or locality’s controlled substance laws to determine what activities and substances are illegal. You may find these laws on any government organization’s website.

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