NAD+ therapy is a promising approach to improving the regulation of mental health. By boosting the amount of NAD+ in the body, it has the possibility to lessen a wide array of issues related to mental health including depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. Furthermore, it could be advantageous in enhancing overall cognitive function, such as memory and concentration, and may be able to positively influence mood control. Although more research is needed to completely comprehend the advantages of NAD+ therapy for mental health, early studies are optimistic and point to it being a beneficial treatment choice for those coping with mental health difficulties.

What Is NAD+? 

NAD+—short for nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide—is a coenzyme that the body produces naturally, and these coenzymes are found all throughout the body. NAD+ is needed for many of our cellular functions and plays an important role in functions such as energy production, immune function, DNA repair, gene expression, and metabolism. As we age, our natural production of NAD+ declines, which impacts  us both physically and mentally. 

Supplementing NAD+ can be supportive in a number of ways, such as slowing cognitive decline and reducing symptoms of depression. Though NAD+ was discovered in the early 1900s, scientists are just beginning to understand and unlock the wide range of benefits NAD+ can offer us—most notably, its assistance in mental health regulation. 

NAD+ IV Therapy 

NAD+ IV therapy is the delivery of NAD+ intravenously. IV therapy has gained popularity over the past few years for its ability to deliver hydration and nutrients effectively, as they go straight into a person’s bloodstream. Administered by medical professionals and trained clinicians, a person receiving IV therapy will be asked to just kick back and relax while receiving their nutrients. Sessions may be as quick as 15 minutes or up to an hour or two, depending on the supplements. By delivering NAD+ through an IV drip, we can ensure 100% bioavailability from the molecule, meaning your body will be able to absorb the highest possible amount of the NAD+ coenzymes. 

Benefits of NAD+ Therapy for Mental Health Regulation 

When it comes to mental health regulation, NAD+ is a great ally. NAD+ can help boost overall brain health and brain function, and a number of scientific research has been published on the positive effects of NAD+ on brain aging

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Benefits of NAD+ for mental health regulation include: 

  • Slowing cognitive decline
  • Increasing focus and attention
  • Helping decrease symptoms of depression
  • Promoting healthy brain function
  • Reducing inflammation

Many individuals note that after receiving NAD+ therapy, they feel a sense of cognitive clarity or decreased brain fog. This increased sense of mental clarity can help restore a person’s ability to perform tasks and participate in life, and can positively impact symptoms of depression and anxiety as well. 

Physical Benefits of NAD+ Therapy

NAD+ is very important to energy production, the mending of genetic material, and other cell activities. Some of the physical benefits of receiving NAD+ therapy may include:

  • Increased stamina
  • Increased energy
  • Improved cognition
  • Reduced signs of aging
  • Improved immunity
  • Improved cardiovascular health
  • Improved overall health and cell functioning

It is essential to mention that the area of NAD+ therapy is only just beginning to be explored and more research is necessary in order to figure out its possible advantages and disadvantages. Furthermore, NAD+ therapy is still not generally accessible and has yet to receive FDA approval.

NAD+ IV Therapy At Knoxville Recovery Center 

NAD+ IV therapy can be extremely beneficial for mental health, addiction treatment, and overall physical and mental wellbeing. At Knoxville Recovery Center, we are proud to offer NAD+ IV therapy as a service to our clients, alongside a range of other top of the line healing modalities and therapeutic services. At Knoxville Recovery Center, we meet our clients where they are and help them move forward on their path to healing mind, body, and spirit.

Services offered at Knoxville Recovery include: 

Detox – Our on-site detox clinic accommodates and supports clients as the body sheds all residual traces of drugs and alcohol. Clients are under medical supervision during the detox process to ensure that they remain safe and comfortable. 

Addiction Treatment –  During our addiction treatment program, clients will engage in introductory therapies and exercises that work to prepare them for continued, more intensive treatment outside of our facility. The goal of our addiction treatment track is to stabilize clients so that they are treatment-ready. 

Mental Health Treatment – Our mental health treatment program introduces behavioral therapies rooted in self-expression and holistic exercise. Art therapy, music therapy, and yoga are just a few forms of therapy we offer at the center. Our goal is to help the client reclaim their voice and expose them to treatment within a professional facility. 

Aftercare Planning – Aftercare is designed for individuals who have benefitted from our introductory addiction services and are transitioning into a more intensive addiction treatment program. Once a client is stabilized, they will be encouraged to pursue continued addiction treatment. Our experienced case managers will then work with our clients to place them in a program that addresses their specific wants and needs. 

Addiction is difficult to overcome alone. If you feel that you or a loved one is struggling with drug and alcohol abuse abuse, our specialists are on standby and ready to help. Call Knoxville Recovery Center and speak with one of our specialists today.

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