There are many reasons to consider the benefits of family therapy in treating heroin addiction. Having a safety net plays an important role in relapse prevention and helps those in recovery maintain sobriety. Knoxville Recovery Center’s drug rehab in Tennessee has a family therapy program designed to help families better understand reasons people develop a heroin addiction, signs and symptoms of substance abuse, and how to care for loved ones who are in recovery and may, at times, need support in sober life. 

Treatment Options for Heroin Addiction

A person with a moderate to severe heroin addiction may want to consider the benefits of in-patient detox for reasons of safety and security. Medically-supervised detox is recommended to those undergoing withdrawal in case emergency medical assistance is needed. Clients who choose inpatient detox have the peace of mind of knowing that a trained medical team is available 24/7.  

An intensive outpatient program (IOP) provides clients with flexibility and allows them to maintain a sense of normalcy since they are able to continue fulfilling many of their daily obligations and while undergoing treatment. Clients return home at the end of each day of treatment and can continue family, childcare, and work obligations. 

When working with Knoxville Recovery Center’s team of professionals to develop a treatment plan, it’s important clients allow us to gain honest insight into their life circumstances. An IOP is not the most ideal treatment method in situations when a client’s home life, work situation, or daily activities put them at risk for encountering high-risk triggers that could result in relapse. 

A Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is a sensible treatment option for clients with a mild substance abuse disorder as well as those who have had previous professional treatment at a recovery center. In a PHP, clients go to a treatment center several days each week but return home at the end of the day. A common reason for choosing a PHP is because a full-time residential program would interfere with a client’s daily obligations to family and work. 

The Benefits of Family Therapy for Addiction Recovery

Family therapy is known to help clients and their families develop better communication and conflict resolution skills. In family therapy sessions, families learn life skills to help them better support one another while keeping each other accountable for their words and actions. 

When family therapy is integrated into an addiction recovery setting, counselors work with families to identify problem areas in family communication and help mediate ways to handle conflicts as well as repair and strengthen relationships. 

Repairing relationships is often important as having a family member with an addiction often results in trust issues and boundary issues. It’s important that families learn how to provide useful help without enabling problematic behavior. Instead, families must learn how to encourage positive behavior and life choices. It’s important for all family members to believe the truth that lasting recovery from addiction is always possible.  

Contact Knoxville Recovery Center to Learn More about the Benefits of Family Therapy for Heroin Addiction Treatment 

If you or your loved one is struggling with heroin or opiate addiction, we encourage you to reach out to us at Knoxville Recovery Center in Tennessee to learn more about how family therapy can provide much-needed support. Our mental health counselors know how to help those with substance abuse disorders work with family members to learn how to break the cycle of addiction and keep their life on a better path.

Family plays an important role in preventing relapse and making sure their loved ones feel supported as they return to everyday life with the intention of lasting sobriety. Reach out to Knoxville Recovery Center today and speak with a specialist who can provide you with more information about the benefits of family therapy. 

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