If you are addicted to crack cocaine, you know in your heart that there is nothing about it that is good for you. If you can wrap your mind around that fact, and realize that you must let go of it, detox is your only way out. However, we at Knoxville Recovery Center in Tennessee would like you to know five things before you take that seriously important step. 

1. Detox Is a Must

The first thing you must fully understand is that there is no getting around it. You can’t slowly wean yourself off of crack. You have to let it go completely during the detox process. We understand that this sounds intimidating, but it is the only way for your mind and your body to break free of this highly addictive drug. Once you have released yourself into our detox program, you must be ready for what is to come next. 

2. Stage One of Detox Can Be Intense

Basically, the longer you have been using crack cocaine, and the larger quantities of it you have been using will determine how intense that stage one of your detox is likely to be. You will begin to start experiencing what is referred to as a “crash” around 24 hours after your last use. This challenging period lasts anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. 

During this initial crash period of withdrawal, along with severe cravings for crack, you will feel anxious and restless. You are likely to feel intense hunger, exhaustion, and irritability. Physically, you may experience shortness of breath, and you may be coughing up blood. Some feel such a deep depression during this time that it drives them to thoughts of suicide. 

3. Crack Cocaine Withdrawals Can Last for Months

Stage two is the crack cocaine withdrawal period. You can expect this period to last several weeks, to several months. Depression may continue at this time, as you simply may be feeling uncomfortable in your own skin at the moment. You may feel exhausted and have nightmares when you do sleep. Your craving for crack continues during this time, and many people fall into relapse as they can no longer resist the temptation to use crack.

4. Detoxing at Home Doesn’t Work

There are several reasons why detoxing at home on your own isn’t a good idea. First of all, if your withdrawal symptoms become severe, it is risky business for you to try and leave crack behind all by yourself. Psychosis, paranoia, and suicidal thoughts are all a possibility when dealing with crack withdrawal symptoms. If your mind begins to play tricks on you, staying in the company of doctors and psychologists is a much better choice than being alone.  

Secondly, when you are physically feeling ill during the detox process, you can be given prescription medication if you are staying at a rehab center in order for you to feel better. Stay at home and you are going to be stuck trying to self-medicate with other types of drugs in order to find some peace. 

Lastly, when you are at home, there is simply too much temptation to pick up the phone and contact someone to purchase crack from. During detox, your cravings are going to be too intense to manage on your own and if you are at home, the temptation to use is likely to be too strong for you to handle. 

5. Clinical Detox Is Your Best Option

If you are truly ready to detox from crack cocaine, we at Knoxville Recovery Center welcome you with open arms. We want to hear your story. At our rehab in Tennessee, we consider the individual needs of our clients. You don’t have to suffer through withdrawals alone. We know how to comfort you and steer you toward success. Call us and speak with a treatment specialist today.

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