If you have become addicted to meth and are looking for a way out, it all begins with meth detox. It is the only way to escape the snare of a drug so poisonous and so powerful that it makes your entire body itch and your teeth rot. Letting go of any addiction can be difficult, but when you step back and see the damage it is doing to your body and your life, it should make your decision easier. 

We at Knoxville Recovery Center pay tribute to your decision to let go of meth and enjoy a new beginning. The following are 4 tips to help your time in meth detox feel less stressful for you. 

1. Handle Any Financial Commitments

Before beginning your meth detox program, be proactive by taking a good look at your finances. Your creditors aren’t going to be interested in a sob story after the fact if your bills are paid late. Pay them ahead of time by post-dating checks or arrange for your bills to be paid automatically. Have an honest conversation with your landlord and make arrangements for your rent or mortgage to be paid on a specific date. Get in touch with a friend you can trust to take care of paying your bills for you before they become due. 

2. Pack Only What You Really Need

Go ahead and prepare everything that you will need for the time you are going to spend in the meth detox center. Just be sure to not go overboard. You should be able to obtain a list of items you are allowed to bring with you. Bringing only what is on the list will ensure that your check-in process will be a hassle-free experience. Having everything ready ahead of time will surely cut down on the amount of stress that you may be feeling about the situation you are about to encounter. 

3. Spend Quality Time with Those You Care About

Hopefully, one of the reasons that you have decided to quit using meth is that you want to have improved relationships with the people you care about the most. The time to start working on this is now. Even though you may feel like you don’t have the time, it is important to set some time aside for this purpose. Be sure to spend time with people that are sober and would never encourage you to continue using meth with them. Let your loved ones know how much you care about them and why you are making this important change in your life. 

4. Take Moments Out for Yourself

When you enter the meth detox center, you are going to be going through a challenging period in your life. That is why right now, you should spend some moments just enjoying your own company. Spend time doing activities that you really enjoy. Perhaps it is something as simple as binge watching your favorite TV show. Maybe you like working out at the gym or taking a long, hot shower. Whatever it is, allow yourself to indulge in it, while the time is right. 

Knoxville Recovery Center is Here for You

Now that you are completely prepared for meth detox, we at Knoxville Recovery Center are pleased to welcome you into our community. Since you will be going through withdrawals, it is critical that you are someplace where you will feel safe and comfortable. We pride ourselves in being a friendly and supportive environment where you are sure to feel good about being during your meth detox period. 

Are you still on the fence about going through meth detox? Call us today to speak with one of our counselors regarding any doubts, fears, or questions that you might have. We look forward to hearing from you!

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