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Angel dust or angelique is an extremely addictive and dangerous substance. It is a potent brand of powdered angelica root. In fact, it is the purest angelica root available, and it is widely considered to be one of the most powerful and addictive substances known to man. dust is a white powder that is derived from the angelica plant. It is popularly used as an ingredient in various types of incense and traditional medicines, particularly in Asian and Indian cultures. Angel dust is also known as angel’s powder and angel’s sweet.

The name angel’s dust is believed to come from the belief that it has the ability to grant wishes, particularly for married people.  It is also referred to as angel’s powder, angel’s sweet, angelic dust, and holy powder.  It is said that angel dust is one of the most powerful drugs known to man.

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What is Angel Dust?

Angel dust is a crystalline substance found in the flowers and leaves of the angelica plant. It is a very potent stimulant drug, with an average drug content of 80-100% percent of caffeine.  Angel dust is similar in structure to caffeine and many other stimulants such as amphetamines and cocaine. However, it is much less addictive and has a much shorter duration of action than either of these drugs.


In order to get the full effects of angel dust, it is essential that its users consume it regularly. However, there are many different ways to consume angel dust. One way is to smoke or ingest the plant. Another is to rub a powder from the plant on the skin, which is known as an incantation. The word incantation comes from the practice of invoking the power of specific plants and animals to either cure or improve one’s health.

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Angel dust is believed to have been used in eastern and western medicine, as well as in religious rituals, for thousands of years. The Chinese and Indian cultures use it in combination with other substances like Sarsaparilla to create their famous Sarsaparilla- Angel dust formulas. In Japan, where the angelica is indigenous, it is used as a traditional medicine and a recreational drug. It is also used as a flavoring agent in brewing/fermenting alcohol free beer.

In fact, it is one of the most widely used flavoring agents in beer making. In western culture, angel dust was first widely used as an anesthetic with the introduction of ether in 1843. Before that, it was mainly used as a stimulant drug. It was also widely used as a strong anesthetic for surgery and other medical procedures, particularly in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s.

How to detect if someone is using Angel Dust

The first step in any drug addiction is to identify the user as a drug addict. In order to do that, it is important to know the signs and symptoms of addiction. Unfortunately, there are still many people who believe that drugs like angel dust don’t cause addiction. If you or a loved one has been using drugs and you’re wondering if they’re addictive, you may be tempted to tell yourself it’s not addiction because the drug wasn’t used regularly.

Medical Uses

Angel dust has an average content of 80% caffeine, meaning just a small amount of the drug can provide a large amount of effects. The anesthetic properties of angel dust make it a popular surgical anesthetic. It can also treat flu-like symptoms as it eases respiratory tract infections and coughs. It’s believed to be an effective treatment for acidity and heartburn, as it is effective for indigestion. Studies have found that it can help people with depression, anxiety, ADHD, and even weight loss. 

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In the end, angel dust is a potentially dangerous drug with an extremely addictive quality. It is hard to powderize, meaning you’ll need to buy a much larger volume of angel dust to get the same amount of effects as with a powder. It can also cause serious health problems if abused, including but not limited to anxiety, insomnia, and heart problems. It is best to be careful with stimulants, especially Angel Dust, which is a highly addictive stimulant drug.

Knoxville Recovery Center Can Help 

Many people first experience the negative side effects of drugs or alcohol when they are young. experimentation, and dependence can occur at any age, but the harmful effects of early drug use are significantly higher. The earlier you start using, the more damage you can prevent. If you are currently using drugs or alcohol, it is important to stop. Doing so will prevent lasting damage, save money, and improve your health.

If you or a loved one are currently struggling with an eating disorder, help is available! We encourage you to reach out to the professionals at Knoxville Recovery Center to learn more about our personalized treatment programs and mental health services. 

Knoxville Recovery Center was founded from firsthand experience of addiction and recovery, with a mission of providing a space where people can heal from addiction and other disorders in a compassionate, creative, open-minded, and heart-centered environment. We believe recovery is always possible. Our experts work with you to design a treatment plan that fits your needs. Common treatment programs include:

  • Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP)
  • On-site Detox
  • Full-time Addiction Treatment on campus
  • Mental Health Treatment
  • Aftercare Services

Contact us today for more information about how our programs and services can help you get your life back on track. You no longer have to struggle with an eating disorder on your own. We are here to help.

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