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Cocaine is one of the many powerful and highly addictive drugs available across the United States along with the rest of the world. From this epidemic, there have been a number of physical, mental, and holistic treatments developed to help those affected by a cocaine addiction. One of the most effective holistic treatments for any individual living with a cocaine addiction is IV drip therapy.

Cocaine and a Cocaine Addiction 

Before understanding how IV drip therapy can help a person, one must first understand how cocaine and a cocaine addiction affect a person. 

What is Cocaine?

Cocaine is an extremely potent and addictive stimulant drug. When ingested, it causes a user to experience heightened alertness and sensitivity, a sense of euphoria, and an increase in energy. While these primary effects can be seen as desirable, they are typically joined by some serious side effects, including loss of appetite, an increased heart rate, and even heighted blood pressure and body temperature.  

What is Cocaine Addiction?

If a person consumes cocaine repeatedly over extended periods of time without the ability to exercise control over the habit, that person has developed a cocaine addiction. An addiction to cocaine can lead to a variety of negative effects on a person’s health, daily life, relationships, occupation, finances, education, and more. The only way to avoid effects like these is to seek and commit to professional addiction treatment at a rehabilitation facility.  

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What is IV Drip Therapy? 

IV drip therapy is one of many holistic treatments used by professional rehabilitation facilities to treat people living with addictions, including cocaine addictions. This therapy consists of a patient receiving physical, intravenous treatment with an IV solution. A medical professional fills the IV solution bag with a mixture of whatever a patient needs; however, these solutions are typically made with hydration solutions that include electrolytes, vitamins, minerals, and even liquid doses of certain medications.

What to Expect with IV Drip Therapy

IV drip therapy will typically be used at two different times during an individual’s addiction treatment:

IV Drip Therapy and Detoxing:

The first time a patient at a rehab facility will encounter IV drip therapy is almost always during their detox. Before a person can commit to mentally recovering from an addiction, they must detox their physical body, ridding it of any abused substances. Although the human body does this naturally, detoxes from any substance a person is addicted to can often be unsettling. To make the pain and discomfort usually experienced during this process more manageable, medical professionals will use IV drip therapy to provide medications and ensure healthy hydration levels.    

IV Drip Therapy Post-Detox:

A person receiving cocaine addiction treatment will next encounter IV drip therapy after their detox. Sadly, a cocaine addiction can have several adverse effects on a person’s health and wellbeing. One of the first ways to rectify this is to restore healthy vitamin, mineral, and hydration levels in the body. IV drip therapy is the safest and most effective way to do so.  

Benefits of IV Drip Therapy 

There are a variety of benefits in using IV drip therapy to treat cocaine addiction:

Safe, Effective Detox

IV drip therapy makes the detox process safer and more comfortable and also ensures healthy vitamin, mineral, and hydration levels. 

Holistic Treatment

Most importantly though, IV drip therapy is one of the best holistic treatments available. By physically healing and maintaining healthy conditions in the body, IV drip therapy also promotes positive mental health. By treating the body and making it healthy, nearly all recipients of IV drip therapy find that the therapy has a positive effect on their mental health, ultimately aiding them in their recovery.    

Searching for Local Holistic Treatments for Cocaine Addiction? 

A cocaine addiction can be difficult to overcome, but it can be easier with the right help! At Knoxville Recovery Center, our qualified and experienced addiction specialists offer our patients a number of effective addiction treatments, including holistic treatments like IV drip therapy. Contact us today to learn more!

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