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If you have just gone through detox for a crack cocaine addiction, you are in a very vulnerable stage in your recovery. At this point, staying sober is dependent on following intelligent relapse prevention techniques. There are many situations in life that might trigger a relapse. We at (Facility Name) would like to give you a few tips on how to stay sober in the face of temptation. 

Don’t Replace Crack With Other Stimulants

Being hooked on crack cocaine is a cycle of smoking it to get high, and then crashing down hard when it wears off. After detoxing from it, many find themselves feeling lethargic and unfocused. As a result, some turn to smoking cigarettes and downing energy drinks in order to get that burst of energy they are looking for. 

Even though both of these stimulants are legal, using them forces the brain to go through a cycle of energy rushes and crashes. This reminds your brain of what it feels like to be on crack. In order for your brain to truly heal, it needs time to rest from this daunting cycle. 

It should also go without saying that you shouldn’t replace a crack cocaine addiction with another drug, such as amphetamines. Doing so does not equal staying sober. Taking someone else’s prescription puts your mind and body in jeopardy, and sends you back down the road of addiction. 

Don’t Isolate Yourself

Staying away from people that you used to use crack cocaine with is always a good idea. However, it doesn’t mean that you should completely isolate yourself from everyone either. It is understandable that at times you will feel depressed and irritable on your journey to stay sober. However, keeping completely to yourself is bound to lead to a relapse.

If you don’t have positive people in your life to connect with, try reaching out to people who are in recovery with you to find support from people who can understand what you are going through. 

Avoid Places or Situations Where Crack Cocaine is Available

Everyone knows what it feels like to visit a familiar place and see people that you used to hang out with. You begin to get a feeling of nostalgia for the way things once were. Particularly, there is likely to be trouble if you know that the place you are going to visit has crack cocaine at your disposal. 

Be honest with yourself. You likely will know before you leave the house if crack is going to be available in the place that you are visiting. Make a commitment to only go to places and be around people that don’t have crack cocaine in order for you to remain sober. 

Adopt a New Way of Living to Stay Sober

Living life without crack cocaine means that your entire way of life should be transformed. At this point, you should be eating a healthy diet, and getting plenty of sleep. Your goal should be to adopt as many healthy habits as possible to bring your body back into balance.

Going on a long walk in the fresh air every morning is one example. Try clearing your mind by meditating or practicing yoga. Living your life in a different way will help take you down a more positive path that does not include crack cocaine. 

Knoxville Recovery Center is Always Here for You

Do you feel that you have hit a wall in your recovery from crack cocaine? Has staying sober become too much for you to bear alone? We at Knoxville Recovery Center are here to assist you in any way that we can with relapse prevention. Contact us today and let’s have an honest discussion about your recovery and your desire to stay sober. Call now!

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