For anyone unfamiliar with substance abuse treatment or rehab, it can seem like a terrifying proposition. Substance abuse treatment can completely change a person’s life, and sometimes, that means completely changing their daily routines and environment, which can be challenging. If you or a loved one are considering entering professional substance abuse treatment at a rehabilitation facility, here are 5 things you need to know.   

Understanding Substance Abuse

Knowing when an individual is in need of substance abuse treatment can be difficult. One must first determine if they or someone they know has a substance abuse problem. Occasionally drinking alcohol or using prescription opioids as prescribed by a doctor or other medical professional is not substance abuse; it is simply substance use. A substance becomes abused when an individual consumes the substance in a way it was not intended or in excessive amounts. If this is the relationship between an individual and substance, and it cannot easily be abandoned, the individual becomes in need of professional substance abuse treatment at a rehab facility.  

5 Things to Know About Substance Abuse Treatment 

The idea of receiving professional substance abuse treatment can be intimidating, but it is necessary for an individual living with a substance abuse problem. To become more comfortable with the idea of treatment at a rehab, one should familiarize themselves with what substance abuse treatment entails. These are the 5 most important things to know about substance abuse treatment: 

1. What Detoxification is

Detoxification is the first step in receiving substance abuse treatment at a rehab facility. Before addressing the mental aspect of addiction, the human body must detoxify itself, ridding it of any trace of any abused substances. Although the body does detoxify naturally, the process can be uncomfortable and even painful when a person has become addicted to one or more substances. At a rehab, medical professionals can help make the process more manageable with a variety of medications and monitor an individual to ensure their overall health and safety.  

2. Inpatient vs. Outpatient Treatment 

In general, there are two main varieties of professional substance abuse treatment at a rehab. The first is inpatient. During inpatient treatment, an individual with a substance abuse issue checks into a rehab facility for anywhere from 30 days or more. During this time, the individual will detox and go through further treatment while living in the rehab to ensure success. 

In outpatient treatment, the process is similar and begins with a detox. However, with outpatient treatment, an individual does not live in rehab and receive around-the-clock care. Instead, they check in with a rehab facility several times a week to receive treatment. Because of this, outpatient treatment is often more affordable.  

3. Counseling and Behavioral Therapy

Nearly every variety of substance abuse treatment at a rehab facility will also include counseling and behavioral therapy. This is done in order to address the mental aspect of addiction while also working to develop healthy coping skills and modify an individual’s behavior — in order to avoid further substance abuse. Oftentimes, counseling and behavioral therapy will take place in both individual and group settings.   

4. How Medications May Help 

Occasionally in substance abuse treatment, an individual will require medications. These can vary in type and purpose but are often prescribed to ensure success in recovery. Some medications like methadone can be helpful for some because it disables the effects of opioids. In many cases, medications often make treatment easier and more comfortable.  

5. Recovery is a Lifelong Process

Sadly, there is no comprehensive cure for addiction. As effective and helpful as professional substance abuse treatment at a rehab facility can be, recovery is a lifelong commitment and process. It requires constant effort from an individual to maintain their sobriety.  

Searching for Substance Abuse Treatment Near You?

If you or a loved one is living with a substance abuse issue, help is available at a rehab near you! At Knoxville Recovery Center, we offer a variety of effective substance treatments and therapies. Contact us today for more information!   

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