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Are you ready to overcome your addiction to cocaine? If so, detox is logically your next step. Since you may not have been through this type of situation before, you might not know what to do with yourself until it is time for you to check into the rehab center. We at Knoxville Recovery Center want you to always feel prepared for what is to come. That is why we have compiled a short list of tips so that you will be ready once it is time to begin the detox process.

1.Pack Your Things

Logically, you will need to pack a small bag or suitcase for your stay in the detox center. You don’t want to forget anything, but you also don’t need to pack like you are going out of the country either. It would be wise to give the detox center a call ahead of time and see if they have a list of allowed items that you can bring with you. Focus on bringing the essentials such as clothes, toiletries, prescriptions, cash and a notebook for example. If you have any questions about what is allowed, go ahead and ask them now. 

2. Take Care of Financial and Family Obligations

Get a pen and paper and make yourself a to-do list. It should include anything that you have left unfinished, including any financial obligations. Should any bills come due when you are in detox, make preparations for a trusted friend or family member to take care of sending them off for you. 

If you have children, next on your list should be making any arrangements for them to be taken care of while you are away. The same goes for your pets. Now it’s time to notify your employer that you need to take medical leave to check into rehab. Although you might dread having to do this, being honest and upfront with your employer is sure to be appreciated. 

3. Take Time to Rest

During your first stages of withdrawal, you may find it difficult to sleep. This is why it is a good reason for you to go ahead and give your body as much rest as possible now. Eight hours of sleep each night is ideal. If you are having trouble sleeping for whatever reason, try getting some light exercise during the day. Simply going on a short walk outdoors can do wonders to help you sleep at night and lift your spirits during the day. 

4. Eat Healthy and Stay Hydrated

When you enter detox, you are likely going to be experiencing some changes in your appetite. Although this may not last for a long time, withdrawals can cause this disruption. When you make it through this period, you are going to need to start eating healthier. There is no time like the present to start doing this. Drink lots of water to stay hydrated and be sure to eat plenty of colorful fruits and vegetables to get you started on the right path. 

Healing at Knoxville Recovery Center

We are proud that you have chosen Knoxville Recovery Center’s detox program as the place to begin your healing journey. Though your detox period may be a bit unpleasant, we will be here for you, keeping you as comfortable as we possibly can. Do you have any questions about our detox center or the treatments you will receive while you are with us? Please don’t hesitate to contact our team of friendly and helpful specialists. We are here to answer any questions you may have and help you be prepared for the sober, fulfilling life ahead. You do not have to fight this battle alone.

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